The boundaries of the human condition are dissolving. We expand our selves to various new virtual dimensions, enabled by emerging technological inventions. It is fantastic! It is mesmerizing. We easily lose ourselves in the unbounded virtual labyrinths we create. Wake up! Reality check is at hand. Could we use our fabulous new tools to something other than digital consumerism and endless streams of entertainment?

A human being is a synergistic entity greater than the sum of its physical, biological and cultural components. One of the great questions of our era is Consciousness. Its elusive nature evades definition by “hard” sciences. A persistent enigma.

Religions used to address the question of consciousness and find — often too forcibly — some answers. They gradually self-ossified by donning dogmas too strict to adapt to our rapidly expanding knowledge. Now religions are mostly obsolete, except when used as an excuse for oppression and power games. But the questions they attempted or pretended to answer remain open:

— What is a human being? Where do we come from and perhaps more importantly, what will we be able to become in the future?

— What is our relation to, and/or position in nature, that is, the planet earth and ultimately, the cosmos as a whole?

Exploration of consciousness will provide the key to defining the human condition in the 21st century, the era of emerging advances in biotechnology and artificial intelligence, also the era of climate change, waste problem, overpopulation and various other catastrophic threats.

Art and philosophy are free as ever to approach and embrace the subject, play with it and see and suggest some answers.

Art should openly cooperate with science and emerging technology to scan directions for a sustainable future. However, art cannot act as a mere servant to science, economy and other forces of human nature. Art acts as a wild card in this pack. Unrestricted freedom is essential to the process. Not tied down by strict rules of empiricism or commercial demands, art is free to explore and experiment with intuitive impulses, subjective experiences and all manner of impossibilities as part of its praxis. This is a great advantage too often neglected.

My current artistic work is primarily based on personal research into the topics described above. This research is integral to the creative process, even though it may not seem obvious in some instances of my body of work.

My ultimate goal is to advance freedom and equality between people (and further, on a larger scale, all other life forms), not forgetting the responsibility that follows freedom. It is time to finally rise to a level of planetary awareness — as citizens of the world, respectfully sharing the resources of the planet, working towards  mutual good in the diverse, unique ways each of us is capable.

Meanwhile, there’s always room for some fun, mistakes and cooking with friends.

Niko Skorpio
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