Niko Skorpio is a transdisciplinary artist with a diverse background in underground electronic music and graphic design. He currently works with moving and still images, sound and derelict media miscellanea.

Skorpio’s creative process is driven by independent DIY spirit and introspective curiosity to particular obscurities. The outcome varies from abstract, expressive audiovisual collages to immersive installations and diverse media objects. His works often contain performative and ritualistic elements as well as found footage.

Skorpio’s works have been exhibited and published internationally. He has released dozens of experimental music recordings and is a founding member of numerous experimental/electronic/underground music projects. He used to run the Some Place Else independent record label (1997-2013), and subsequently founded the PARAFERAL Creative Research Facility.

Skorpio is a fine art graduate and currently finishing his studies in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art (MA) at Aalto University.

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