The True Nature of Things

Video & Film, Installation
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The True Nature of Things is a two-channel video installation that consists of two apparently independent parts. They interact with each other, or wage a stealth war, perhaps. The viewer may choose her role in the whole or leave it to the work to decide.

The True Nature of Things studies the indescribable: an individual’s personal experience of existence, which may not necessarily match the objective reality. Simultaneously experiences become mediated – vicarious, objectified, distorted. Concerts are experienced through the screen of a smart phone. Pics or it didn’t happen!

The footage mixes self-photographed and found material. The left channel round image began as an individual video performance but ended up as an integral part of this work. The soundtrack builds itself around a conversation recorded on a found cassette tape and concludes with a quote of C.G. Jung on similar subject matters.

Images, sounds, edit: Niko Skorpio
Studio session:
Camera and lights: Tiina Lehikoinen
Special effects: Mirja Kurri
Special effects consultancy: Satu Karhumaa

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